21 Jan 2014
January 21, 2014

Love is Sweet

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Candy or sweet tables are all the rage in America and it is becoming more and more popular to not only provide a cake but a whole table of sweet treats including cupcakes, biscuits and confectionary.

Platforms like Pinterest have brought these trends across the pond and they’re becoming more popular for UK weddings. ┬áThe cake table has always been a focal point for weddings and something to be admired by guests but now many couples want to showcase a fun and whimsical treat filled table alongside the cake.

Creating a sweet table can be so easy and looks impressive. Use large glass bowls in varying sizes and fill to the brim! It also a nice idea to provide your guests with little sweet bags to create their own pic ‘n’ mix to fill up and enjoy later in the evening when they need an energy boost for the dancing!

Here are some great sweets to use for weddings:

Love HeartsLove hearts final
These little hearts not only taste delicious but also convey messages of love and romance and the pastel colours also go well with vintage colour schemes. If you want to go the extra mile you can have the packaging personalised with a private message or the date of your wedding.Marshmallows

Bon Bons
Mix and match these coloured vintage sweets which will look so pretty piled up in glass bon bon jars and will bring back happy memories for many of your guests.

Flying Saucers
These fizzy little discs are as retro as they come and their pastel shades will make your table look good enough to eat.

Soft, plump and delicious, marshmallows are the perfect bite sized treat and can even be customised to your colour scheme with nonpareils.

If you are ordering your wedding cake through Earl & Greenly, we are happy to set up a sweet table for you along with your cake and can loan you beautiful glass bowls, provide your chosen sweets and decorate the table. We can also source personalised sweet bags with your wedding date and names.

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