AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organisation, focused on facilitating a global exchange scheme that provides challenging, cultural work internships for students in over 100 countries.
This year is the UK branch’s 60th anniversary and they had a big party to celebrate with 250 guests. Thanks to the sponsorship of Incerts,  E&G had the honour of making a cake for this special occasion.

We wanted something with a lot of height so planned on a square 4 tier with the cakes to be a combination of chocolate with chocolate buttercream and madagascan vanilla sponge with raspberry preserve and vanilla buttercream.

The challenge was to incorporate elements of the AIESEC brand and ethos-always a challenge to make corporate cakes fun and interesting!
We decided to use a combination of the logo, stripes, spots and stars, in the anniversary colours; blue, red and white to keep the cake colourful. A good friend who has access to a laser (insert Austin Powers jokes here!) was amazingly helpful and made me a stencil for the logo-which is pretty complicated with lots of people.
The next challenge was to work out what colouring method to use with the stencil; airbrush, spongeing or royal icing…?
After trying out all 3 the winner was… royal icing! It took several tries to get the texture right as too stiff and it would be lumpy and too thin and it would run everywhere.

I wanted the cake to have height to make an impression so decided to incorporate a large number 60. After completing a royal icing diploma recently, it seemed the perfect medium to create something that would look good, be free-standing and edible. The process of making a number in royal icing strong enough to stand up is quite long and once the front has been flooded, it has to be left to dry fully before gently turning over and repeating the process on the back. I ended up making three different versions as one broke and there was a risk that another would break in transit.
The stars were also made in the same way and worked really well.

The spots and stripes were piped in royal icing with the help of a new gadget-the ice press. This invaluable tool marks equal dots in the icing so all you need to do is pipe over the marks.

So after several hours of baking and even more hours of icing-the final cake was ready! The event was held at the Guoman Tower Hotel, London and transporting several layers of heavy cake is always a challenge! Anyway I’m pleased to say the cake arrived in one piece and was enjoyed in lots and lots of pieces!

AISEC cake






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