23 Apr 2013
April 23, 2013

Clandestine Cake Club

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Through the wonderful median of Twitter I found out about the Clandestine Cake Club. Set up by Lynn Hill it is a way for cake bakers to get together and enjoy cake and share experiences and recipes.
As there was a local group in Putney I jumped straight on the band wagon!

Each meeting has a theme and the April meeting was Cakes for Cocktails. I am a big fan of cocktails, particularly tropical ones as with one sip you can be transported to somewhere hot and sunny (if you close your eyes and concentrate very hard…!)

Thinking about cocktail flavours, coconut and lime are 2 of my favourites and I found a recipe for “Put the lime in the coconut”;  a drink containing Malibu, lime juice and sprite. I already had a recipe from Delia for a lime and coconut cake which I altered slightly and added Malibu buttercream inside.
I decorated the top with a stencil of a Margherita glass, my amazing new airbrush kit and a handmade sugar peony. As a bit of a perfectionist there could have been improvements made but the overall effect worked!

The club itself was lots of fun however after the initial feeling of a kid in a sweet shop, after tasting more than 10 cakes I was crying out for something savoury! A good tip from one of the organisers of the Putney club was to not eat breakfast or lunch and I would definitely heed those words next time!
For further information about Clandestine Cake Clubs in your area please check here. Going from my experience you won’t be disappointed as I met an incredibly friendly group of people and got to taste some amazing cakes which gave me plenty of new ideas to try.

Put the lime in the coconut cake

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